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Computer Technician Schedule

Technician Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
*Lino Melchor CC Winn/District Service Center CC Winn/FCRTC CC Winn/District Service Center CC Winn/SAC CC Winn/District Service Center
Santos Garcia Rosita Valley Literacy Academy Rosita Valley Elementary Sam Houston Elementary Perfecto Mancha Elementary Rover**
David Martinez Memorial Junior High Ray Darr Elementary Memorial Junior High Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary Memorial Junior High
Steven Overturf Rover** De Luna San Luis Elementary Benavides Elementary Robert E Lee Elementary
Troy McLean Memorial Junior High Armando Cerna Elementary Rover** Language Development Center Multiplex
*Eduardo Trevino EPHS/Day Care EPHS/District Service Center EPHS/Health Services EPHS/District Service Center EPHS
John De Leon Kirchner Elementary Pete Gallego Elementary Seco Mines Elementary Rover** Glass Elementary
Leo Trevino Eagle Pass Junior High Rover** Eagle Pass Junior High Liberty Elementary Eagle Pass Junior High
Aldo Gonzalez DAEP/Parent Center Early Childhood Center Kennedy Hall Graves Elementary Rover**

* denotes Microcomputer Technician (Microcomputer Technicians are responsible for all cafeterias in their respective campuses.)

** Rover day: technician will be on standby at DeLuna Center and will be assigned to any campus as needed

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