Armando Cerna Elementary Parking Lot - Completed

Band 18-Wheeler Trailers - Completed

C.C. Winn Band

Eagle Pass High School Band

Band Hall Expansion - In Progress

Eagle Pass Independent School District continues to invest in the fine arts programs at the CC Winn and Eagle Pass High campuses. Even though schools are closed, work continues on the $7.2 million expansion of the music facilities at each high school. The scope of work includes 36,000 square feet of new space and renovation of existing facilities. When completed each campus will have three halls dedicated to band programs and one choir hall. Bus loading drives will also be developed to serve the music programs. The contractors are currently erecting the walls and roof structures of the new additions. Once the additions are completed this fall, the renovations of the existing spaces will begin. The work is expected to be complete in the spring of 2021.

EPISD Superintendent Samuel Mijares would like to thank the district’s visionary Board of Trustees and amazing community for their continued support throughout this construction process. It is with this support that the district continues to grow to best suit our students’ needs.

C.C. Winn Band Hall Expansion - In Progress

EPHS Band Hall Expansion - In Progress

Eagle Pass ISD Jumbotron - Completed

Click picture for jumbotron specs.

EPISD New Tax Office - In Progress

Phase 1

Phase 2

EPISD Stadium Bleachers - Completed



Wooden bleachers replaced with steel.

Liberty Elementary Life Skills Restroom - Completed

Life skills restroom construction phase.

Life skills restroom expansion.

Life skills restroom expansion.

Life skills restroom expansion.

EPHS Baseball Field Batting Cages - In Progress

Batting Cages Construction Phase 1

Batting Cages Construction Phase 2

EPHS Baseball Field Lights - In Progress

Stadium lights added for night time use.

Eagle Field House Bridge - Completed

CC Winn Baseball/Softball Storage - Completed